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Brooke & Josh Herron

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Raised in Palm Beach County, Florida, Brooke and her husband Josh began their journey north in 2009. After a brief residence in Philadelphia, Josh was hired with the Prince William County Fire Department as a Firefighter and Paramedic. This transition began their love affair with Northern Virginia.

Always ready to help those around her, Brooke’s background in customer service and desire to make people smile were the building blocks in her decision to pursue real estate. The landscape and dichotomy of Loudoun really spoke to the place she and her husband envisioned putting down their roots. Forty miles in either direction places you in the exciting, ambitious, and historical city of Washington D.C. or the quaint, serene, and charming countryside of Northern Virginia. The location, combined with the inspiring, notable multiculturalism, energized her to provide assistance to those moving into the area with the same enthusiasm they felt when establishing their residence.

You can count on Brooke to be passionate, genuine, and focused through your process. Her natural curiosity drives her to listen to and learn about the people she encounters. Empathetic and dependable, Brooke will be your confidant and advocate.

Josh Herron epitomizes what is means to be a Realtor­©. As a Firefighter and Paramedic for Prince William County, he honors the code of ethics to the utmost degree. You can trust he will treat you with the care and attention you deserve, with a sincere and straightforward approach.

Growing up in Palm Beach County, Florida, Josh became quite accomplished on the golf course and received a full scholarship to the University of Central Florida to join their Division l Men's Golf Team. They say if you want to know if someone is honest, play a game of golf with them. Josh is always ready to make that happen!

You can usually find The Herrons at TopGolf Ashburn, enjoying concerts at establishments like Wolf Trap, various wineries, playgrounds, and parks in the immediate area or exploring our nation’s capital!